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“Even though there has been peace with Maher’s inner circle, the big question still needs its answer. Did the black community believe his apology? “

Bill Maher has been widely known for his unapologetic comments about the issues that society is habitually facing. Ever since the first airing of his 1993 comedy central talk show Politically Incorrect, Maher displayed brutal honesty on a level that is arguably too powerful to tame. However, the 61 year old comedic veteran has ran a hundred steps behind enemy lines. Reaching a point where there is no escape except the flag of surrender that can resuscitate his career back to welcoming fame.

One week ago Maher received massive criticism on numerous social media platforms over a joke that was outright so dreadfully ridiculous that it placed his iconic 14 year talk show “Real Times” on the plank of cancellation. During a interview with Nebraska based Senator Ben Sasse, who was promoting his book, “The Vanishing American Adult” where the two political giants were exchanging conversations on the interesting topic of “millennial haplessness” where Sasse joked to Maher that he is welcomed to “work in the fields” when the talk show host mentioned visiting Nebraska. Maher then humorously says in the bold no f—-s given manner that only Bill Maher knows, “Work in the fields? Senator, I’m a house nigger” The erratic joke then brought nervous laughter amongst the whole audience including Senator Sasse, who was without a doubt secretly shocked about the words that came out of Maher’s bluntly vulgar mouth.

The episode became the number one topic all over Twitter, with some users vowed HBO network to cancel his show. The controversy soon transitioned into a massive frenzy when Grammy winning rapper and producer Chance the Rapper took the opportunity to give his own wish for wanting Bill Maher to be fired from the network. The anger amongst people (especially the younger generation of color) has placed a fearful worry on both Maher and the HBO network as the two responded in separate apology letters towards the public for Maher’s playful yet taunting comment. Even though “The New New Rules” author is under increase fire, there has been a extra fire extinguisher to calm the man made blazing flames.

In a exact plan for forgiveness for America, particularly the black community for his unintentionally bomb of the N word, he invited heavy hitters who are currently on the forefront for the political side of American culture. The idea for a “it is going to be okay, Billy” or “We all make mistakes buddy” was not apart a part of the plan for some of the guests that appeared on the show. To kick the episode off proper he brought out Georgetown professor and bestselling author Michael Eric Dyson to talk about the negative resurgence that was put together from the accidental slip off the controversial tongue. During the conversation between the two political juggernauts, Maher then openly confessed to both Dyson and to millions of viewers that he “did a bad thing”. The honesty and nervousness that Maher presented towards Dyson has made it clear that he believes that Maher saw the line that he crossed. The 58 year old “Debating Race” author states to Maher that, “It’s a great place to start”.


The conversations between Maher and Dyson became the central solution to the decrease of hostile antics from angered African Americans to the fearful Maher where his outspoken macho personality was not even present on this particular episode. It is safe to say that this is accurate when Maher quoted, “We are all sinners” while owning up to his faults towards Dyson who was studying Maher to see if he is really apologizing just for the future of his own show, or for the black race that has received a plethora of countless racial tribulations through the years. Maher’s “we are all sinners” quote has become so contradictory interesting. Maher has always been a agonistic, and even not having the knowledge of knowing where man will go if he or she departs from living. It is essential to see this is because this incident could have played a vital role in not only seeing the disaster that he just created, but also taking a glimpse of a opportunity to know when to chill out.

The show soon took a interesting turn when West Coast Hip Hop veteran and founding member of NWA, Ice Cube came to the show to both promote the 25th anniversary of the 1991 classic Death Certificate, and to get straight to the point while CNN political commentator Symone Sanders was also present in the table. “I knew you was gonna f— up sooner or later, said the Fist Fight actor towards Maher. Cube suddenly went straight to the point to warn Maher that he is not present to verbally chastise him, but is there to let him know that the “N-Word is ours and you cannot have it back”. The blunt tone inside Cube’s voice has quietly struck the soul of Maher, as it has been obvious that Cube had zero tolerance in playing the role of sympathy giver, but is giving the “Religulous” writer a temporary pass. The tension was out of sight, but the expression of cold no nonsense features that Cube displayed on his face, and the silent frightful shyness that Maher had has made it clear that Cube is not the dude you want to mess with.

Even though there has been peace with Maher’s inner circle, the big question is still needs its answer. Did the black community believe his apology? Through so many atrocities that African Americans have to face in this country, it is not even possible if we as a whole heard Maher’s pleas completely. Although Maher’s career has been painted with wrangling backlash that has been the source of his disputative beliefs, blacks are still not even searching for truce. It is a serious note because the younger generation of African Americans have emerged; and with their recent encounters with the harsh reality of racial disrespect, and even the possessive power of social media, there is no guarantee that Maher would get a pass. Let’s take this time to look at what African Americans are facing right in the millennium. Even though there is a high level of freedom, there are still walls that are stopping us. In the rising growth of mass incarceration, the continuous deaths of young African Americans, and the current Reagan like power that President Donald Trump has in America, it is proven that we live in a technologically advanced era called post slavery.


There is no doubt that Maher is unaware of the numerous trials that black America has to go through, and with his recent support for President Obama, close friendship and admiration for Micheal Eric Dyson and the thoughtful knowledge he has on Hip Hop; Maher has guarantee that he has no bad blood. But, do the black community knows or even wants to know? There has been too many issues that has caused the black race, especially the younger generation to give a chance to hear the apology.


The anger has put a wakeup call for Maher, but never even put a stop on the franchise. African Americans have not even seen the light of forgiveness yet to hear Maher’s apology, but the show and its legacy will never expire.

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